Begging. For. A. Chance.

All I need is a chance.

A chance to answer your questions-

After I’ve given you the context

Before you force out what you want to hear

After you understand where I’m coming from

Before you jump to conclusions, but


I don’t have time to go back and forth


You already

Made your judgements


Even before

The answers

Left my








I forgot to breathe

In my hurry to

Tell you the truth

Before you

Made it up



I am late.


I never

Got the chance

To express myself

Nor redeem myself.


I am weak.

And now

I’m still







As I try

To come

To terms


With the reality


But my mom

Wipes my tears

And my dad

Holds me close

And my friend

Tells me a joke

And my teacher

Smiles at my work

And my neighbor

Let me babysit



They know

That I am

Smart. Beautiful. Kind.

And I know

That I am

Learning. Trying. Smiling

And you should know

That you are not important to me




There are others

Who have given me the chance

The chance I begged for

The chance I deserve

The chance to be who I am

To embrace myself

To prepare myself

For those like you

Who manage to turn a blind eye against the sun

Who manage to overlook a person’s significance for

The sake of your own superiority

Who stimulate so much fear, so much hate

That I would have drowned in my tears

Gasping for air but finding only

A venomous atmosphere to intake

Had it not been for the others


The others

When gasping for air

They pulled me out, lifted me up

I stood up on my feet

I am strong.

Stronger than I thought I could be.

The tears dried. My vision cleared.


I am rising.

Rising past the depths of the ocean

Up into the clouds of my dreams

I see you, pointing at me

I hear you, criticizing me

But I am beyond your reach.


I am gasping.

Gasping for air


I am climbing the steepest mountain

So quickly

The air is thinner here

I am out of breath, smiling


The view below is beautiful

I know you are there

Invisible from above


You are small.



I am gasping for air


I am surrounded by laughter

Mom Dad Friend Teacher Neighbor

Celebrating my stride

To the top

When given the chance


That’s all I ever needed.

A chance-

The chance.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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