Never been the luckiest prisoner / no time off from off days / lost hair / inmates claiming they're all innocent / i am too / got lost on my way to school / they told me the wrong route / had me try on this suit / shit im scared / if the shoe fits / wear it / kick the living shit out of anyone to embarrassed / parish they will / i promise / but honestly who's modest / when closets of close-to-skeletons / are your army of zombies / easy / me / stuck in cell 3 / finding ways to light haze / stay writing these 16's / i was following my dream / now im just chasing my tail / in a cage with fed meals / and im praying for some mail / if i dont write back / its cause all the guards hate me / never lack the talk back / or shit talking the yankees / pinestripe life now / look like i forgot my team / youk / damon / 18 / steady swing between the seams / aim that at the pavement / play the game just for the jersey / finished touch / sharpened brush / nothing really work for me / still chizzil / like its shawshank / refrain dufrain reference / Stephen King of this rap game / topic rock unsteady though / hence the social horror show / but i never been the luckiest prisoner / never been the pickiest singer in the slums / that's why I'm chilling there

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