Befuddled by Hormones


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

Turn your eyes from me
I don’t need your pity
I’m not some helpless puppy

Your generosity is anything but kind
Leading me astray; playing tricks on my mind

I’m happy we are growing closer
But you don’t treat me as an equal
I was friend-zoned from the start
These pains won’t leave my heart
Whether we are together or apart

I prithee, be mean
Strike me with your fists till I’m seeing birds
Cut me down with harsh brutal words
So my heart can accept what my mind has known
That between you and I exists a wall of stone

I can’t cry; can’t complain
Or you’ll come running back
If you pet me one more time, I’ll either explode or have a heart attack

I know I may act tough
Yet as a maiden and human I am weak
We all have our kryptonite
But what can I do when mine is always in sight?

You embarrass me, leaving me speechless and pouting like a child
Because of you I am a rabid primate frothing in the wild

I am competitive by nature
And, you, sir, bring out my best and worst
I should best you once and for all, lest I ever be curst

I fear I may be a madman
Suffering as though dehydrated from such delusions
I should know better than to fall prey to your pretty, petty, cliché illusions
And yet I am so tempted

Your color
Your tactics
Your expressions
I’ve seen them all before
Men are a dime a dozen
And yet I fall for more

What can I do but suppress these feelings?
Will they ever go away?
Should I go and confess these feelings?
The elastic stretches with each passing day.

The tension will soon kill me
I must act now, without fear of consequence
You already know- I’m not a good liar
So why hold back? I’ll pull you into the fire

It may not be so, but if I believe I’m the best
You’ll feed off my energy; be convinced- and so will the rest

I am no longer confused
There’s no denying what I want
You keep me amused with your alluring taunt


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