Bedtime Fever

I must go back to bed again, to the warm and cozy sheets.

And all I ask is a soft pillow and some pills to make me sleep;

And the lights click and my legs twitch and the lamp starts flickering,

And a loud phone near my face and my loud parents bickering.


I must go back to bed again, for the call of my swollen eye

Is a heavy call and itchy call that makes me want to cry;

And all I ask is peace and quiet with no noise pounding,

And the slow rhythm of the washing machine without a single voice sounding.


I must go back to bed again, where I can dream about sheep,

To my right side and to the left side, it’s how I like to sleep;

And all I ask is a heavy blanket that I can use to cover,

And a warm room and fuzzy socks to help me to recover.


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