Bedeviling Strangers


The Bedeviling Strangers”

By Hali Beth Muller

They call your name down the lane, the bedeviling strangers shout your name. Their taunting voices down the halls, whisper softly about your flaws. They give you torment each passing moment, the bedeviling strangers give you fear though their harassment. Their Venomous hate, lunges at you like a bite from a poisonous snake. You try to hide, but with no prevail, they hunt you down like a furious predator stalking it's meal. All you can do is try to report their behavior, but not all the time are your superiors your saviors. At times it's rough to live in this torture, but it becomes better as you get older.  As you mature their attempts will become futile, when they call your name you just smile. Their taunting voices will start to fade, as they feel guilt from the choices they've made. So those who have bullies at your school, just remember that they are uncool. And if they continue to bring you down,   Just remember you are special, and the most eccentric kid around.

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