A Bed


A bed is a place to rest and sleep
A place to lay and sometimes weep
When your tired and weary and don't give a hoot
You just jump in your bed and kick of your boots

You can hide under the covers when the weather gets cold
Or lay still with a fan while the thermometer explodes
Hot or cold, rain or shine
A house and a bed are beyond prime

A lot of people though forget about beds
They just live and let stress run through their heads
But little do they know how lucky they are
To have a bed waiting for them like a valet waits for cars

We often ignore those not as lucky as us
To have a place to call home instead of a bus
They have no home to hide until the winter melts
They have to make due with what they were dealt

That just goes to show how unfortunate life may be
There is no better to place than a bed to be


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