Becoming Me

The last year, one last chance to make a mark.

My mark, what will it be? I am just discovering

who I am and I feel it's too late. Days keep going,

I try to come to terms with it. For me, high school is ending.

Friends go separate ways, ones that I have just made,

this hardly seems fair. Things were just beginning

to go right for me. I had gotten better,

realized that dreams were dreams and not reality,

and they will stay that way. Unless I make a mark.

I switched masks between my Sophomore and Junior years,

coming out from a cocoon of my own making and becoming

me. But all good things come to an end.

Winter, spring, and summer will fade

and I must start all over again. A new start, new friends,

a new place to make a mark.

This poem is about: 



Sometimes it feels so hard to turn all of my thoughts, worries, and emotions into a few words in the hopes that someone who reads them will know what I mean. Sometimes it feels incredibly easy, until I reread what I've written.

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