Becoming Happy

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 12:15 -- PayKeen

Somethings different about the way you wake up in the morning 

A deep breath and a smile as you roll out of bed 

Still groggy, but doing your daily steps regardless

There's something odd about the way you walk

There's a little jump in your step, some confidence?

The way the sun shines through your eyes

making the world seem a whole lot brighter than before

All the negativity that swirled around your pupils disappeared 

There's a vibrancy about colors now

sunflower yellow fills your mind

Light reflects off of you

making you shine, and everything else fades

The way everything you do is filled with purpose 

and not just lazily done 

Sadness doesn't have a hold on your mind

you look looser and relaxed

Stress is not in your vocabulary

though it was constant in the past

You have a set plan

instead of winging everything that was set before you

Depression held you back

but now you're moving forward

And your smile finally shows it, the real, happy you.

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