Becoming Alpha

Originally just another member

Another wolf part of the pack,

Though I leave I will remember

Remember those that had my back.

It is time for me to become leader

Show off what my pack can do,

Though I may not be a mind reader

I know what they think, at least a few.

Sure, some may doubt my skills

Think I’m weak but one thing,

I’ll show them with all my kills

And all the pups under my wing.

As alpha I will choose one to lead

To lead the pack when I take my leave,

They grow stronger as they bleed

And when I leave they won’t grieve.

My Beta, second in command

Please keep everyone together,

Don’t let your future pack disband

Fight together through cold weather.

As we take off I look back once more

I smile as my Beta is standing straight up,

She will always protect them she swore

And I see a future alpha in my little wolf pup.

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