Bright white lit screen on a small device 

Shining in my eye, it's blinding

Yet I'm addicted

Addicted not to this device, but the person in the device

The person responding to me

Giving me the attention I need

I'm addicted.

My soul crying out 

Wanting that person to reach through this device and pull me close

I long for the love of this person

Yet, here I lie texting and flirting

Why can't we be more?

Mom tells me "Put the phone away and go to sleep.

I swear you're always on that thing. "

I got a problem I know 

But it's him I'm addicted to not the phone

I wait for the day I can be in his arms

I wait for the day that he'll finally call me his

I wait.

And wait

And wait.

Do you love me?

I text him


he responds

How much?

I ask though my mind says erase it before he sees

Worries ring true as I hit send and when I thought it was over

The white screen in my eyes, masking the feelings of doubt inside

He replies

I love you more than words can say

I have loved you each and every day

I'm sorry I can't be with you right now 

I have things to do

But that doesn't change how much I love you

I was shocked, I was surprised

I couldn't believe his words that night

I couldn't decide what next to type

Except I love you more

Prove it 

He types

I love you to the end of time 

I've always loved you 

Everyday sparks fly

You are the apple of my eye 

I love you 

I really do

All I could say

I let my heart race away 

To be with him in his room

Follow him to class and the See You Soons

I wanted to be with him always

Why do you love me so much?

He types one last time

Because You're mine 

I admit it I'm addicted to you







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Because I love you, 

I give up my free time to talk to you,

Because I love you,

I use my gas to go the distance to meet you

Because I love you, 

I dressed up and powdered for you

But because I love myself,

I left you,

I did not have the time to study,

I did not have enough fuel to go to work,

I did not have the esteem to be without a caked face,

Because I love myself,

I will study and better my future in college,

I will travel to places and see new sights,

I will learn to accept all my imperctions without hiding them,

I cannot love you when I cannot love myself first.


I love you because 

Of your flaws and imperfections

Your smile and laughter

Those gratifications

I love you because

You know when you're weak

You turn to a friend

Strengthening your links

I love you because

You never give up

You persevere through it all

You dust yourself off

I love you because

You love me

You see

We are special, we two

And baby I have one last thing to tell you

There's no me without you

Because I no longer am me

If I can't be with you

All because I love you










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