Because of You

Because of you, I let you ruin me

I let you in and destroy my confidence. 

I scream, cried, and became someone new

I wasn't me and people could see it too.

Because of you, I had to start over

You did too with another girl hanging onto your shoulder.

That use to be me--hanging on tightly. 

Two years I had to refind myself

while you were kissing her

and making her believe, but when you walk out the room,

I caught you kissing a dude.

Who are you?

Because of you, I had trust issues

Because of you, I gave my body to others

Because of you, I didn't miss our love

Because of you, I met the guy who I trust.

I smile, laugh, and hug him tightly

Caught you staring at me

Pay attention to your soon to be wife

who has low-self esteem.

She's so in love that she can't see

You are the devil and dragging her down, you see?

Because of you, I found the new me. 

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