Because of Our Love

"Love" is a word full of more than compassion,

More than okay's,

And an empty mansion.

It is more than the vow that we take,

Or the promises we break. 


It is the words that we say,

The laughs and smiles we make.

The endless talks till daybreak,

Not just the beautiful white cake.


Love is different for each,

Some see it as something to keep,

Others do a little more than reach.

You can't just buy me something cheap,

And expect me not to see.

Love is more expensive than diamond rings,

Or the 80-inch platinum TV.

It is two doves flying on their wings,

Up to the sky and down to the sea.

It is the sun and the moon,

Dancing to each other's tune.

Even in a situation of gloom,

Love will always bloom.


It is something that finds you at the unexpected,

So dear words cannot express it.

Love is something that lasts for a lifetime,

Something that never expires 

Or a "job" that you can retire.

It is the feeling that never dies,

A trust where strings always stay tied,

And of the butterflies who continue to fly.

Even with the last breath,

Bringing them close to death.

Love and life will always survive.

It is how we all strive. 

In the world full of lies,

Where love doesn't end in just goodbyes.

All because of the love that we share.

That all so long ago, grew from a small flare.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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