Because One Can Feel

Thu, 06/18/2015 - 02:10 -- alesbum


The longest thing we will ever have yet what we take for granted the most.

I'm filled with happiness.

I play for hours in a sandbox I love, thinking the hardest thing I'll ever face in life is being told I have to stop playing because I have to go inside and grub. 

I'm clueless.

I spend my days playing, without knowing I'll grow to spend my days praying.

Praying that I can have a happy life, because the way my life is going I can no longer see the light.

I'm struggling with life. 

God, oh God, please tell why life is so hard.

All those days dressing in my mother's clothes.

I couldn’t wait to be grown.

I should have known it was a trap.

I'm struggling in life but nobody gives a crap.

I'm lonely.

I sit at school all by my lonesome wishing I had someone by my side interested to learn some.

To learn about what made me who I am today, my life goal, why I read the books I read, and why I feel the way I feel.

I tell myself it's no big deal but I know deep down I will not heal.

I don't know why I feel so alone. 

I don't know why I'm always on my own.

I'm scared.

Sitting in bed at 2:00 AM crying, praying life could be easier.

Please God, guide me to a place in which I will no longer hurt, a place where I will be happier.

I do not feel okay.

Why do I have to stay?

Stay in a world in which I'm told all I have to do is pray in order to be okay?

I pray and pray all day.

How much longer until I am okay?

I'm no longer feeling lonely.

I have a friend now and her name is Luz. 

Because of her I see the light, not just because her name translates to "light" but because she brightened up my life. 

Though I do not understand why, she cares for me and that's all I need.

She says I need to learn to accept myself and that's where I will start.

I'm learning.

It's okay not to be okay.

What is definite is we all have troubles and some are worse than others but at the end of the day we all shall grow.

I didn't know before how far I would go but I'm glad I stuck around.

Self-acceptance is the key to everything.

I'm happy.

All along I thought my life would never get better, I should have known it always would.

My life was filled with troubles but I learned to overcome.

No matter the struggles I faced, I can now manage to smile.

I now smile and say, "I get by with a little help from my friend."

I'm in love.

I love myself along with all the feelings I experienced throughout my life.

I'm awesome; life is awesome.

Today I was asked why I thought life was awesome.

All it took was one small and simple answer.

Life is awesome because we have the ability to feel.

Though we sometimes feel down, there are also times in which we feel happy.

No matter what I feel, I would never give up the opportunity to feel things. 

I would rather relive all the bad feelings I experienced, then to be left without the ability to feel.

It is because of my hardships that I realize now that we need to feel down in order to appreciate all the good feelings.

Out of all the lessons I learned, the most important is that life is the most amazing thing we can ever be given because it gave us the ability to feel.

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