Because of A Mother's Love

Black ice bites fingertips.

sharp edges, shrapnel travel up long bladed, byzanite blue fingernails.

Thin frost, covers a dandelion ring.

Her strong hands, always chilled.

Once held to cross streets, to wipe away tears, to comfort.

Now to paralyze.

Like an open window, Smack, snap, strike,

burning face, and bitten nose.

“To push you down the right path my baby”

Because I love you.

Like sleet, Crash, puncture, splinter, slip.

Impressionable ears and delicate heart.

“To make you modest, and deter your confidence, little one.” Because I love you

Heat destroys ice So I will freeze you first. Because I fear you, I love you.


Running through a dark forest, the moon hides it's face

Too anxious to watch.

Under the hidden snow, a branch seizes the fleeing foot.

Blood breaks through thin frozen clothing, solidifying on pale, glowing skin.

She closes in behind. Scars twitch alerting of her approaching presence

A broken hut, A shed worn by years of vacancy.

Cold begins to defeat the heat within,

Laying down upon the rotted floor, Her eyes slowly closing.

Breathless, the footsteps grow near

Crunching snow give way to fox paws

The light flickers, “She loves me”

As the rays of warmth grow dim,

Breathing slows,

I needed her So I loved her.




A comforting blanket holds me?

My eyes open, facing two sapphires belonging to a white purring cat, soothing.

Steam rises in bubbled hearts from the warm coco

Lights wrap through emerald branches of a tall decorated tree

Twinkling, widening like fireworks when tears break through.

I shouldn't be here A mistake, too broken, beyond repa-

Shhh baby girl, “You’re exactly the daughter we want”

Perfect in imperfections, beautiful, smart, compassionate.

From the floor, three little girl's giggle

Frosted, rainbow sprinkled, sugar cookies passed about.

Beyond the window,

Pink- white flakes drift.

Their fingertips stroke the window’s glass, understanding.

The moon’s smile flickers.

Heat from a fire hugs me, safe.

Soft hands of beautiful angels brush away tears, fading my scars.

“Baby girl, you’re not alone You’ll never be alone again.

This is home

And you are loved”.

I love them

They hold me, protecting, guarding and saving me.

The nightmare is over,

The warmth has won.

Because, they love me.


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My family
My country
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