Because Love

Because he loves me,

i can walk away from my mother and her questioning eyes.

Because he loves me,

i can give a tight-lipped smile to those who wonder why.

Because he loves me,

i can hold down a sob that threatens to bubble up from within my chest as he yells at me and cries.

But time flies,

and i realize.

that i must open my eyes and have the courage

to fly.

And somehow, along the way,

I am found.

By a pure love.

A true love.

With soft smiles and gentle eyes.

Because He will never love Me,

the way You love Me.

Because when you love me,

I feel a soft, soothing warmth embrace me.

Encase me.

Because when you love me,

everything wrong with me is suddenly right,

and everything dull about this world is suddenly bright.

Because when you love me,

My mama doesn’t need to worry any more,

my friends can be reassured.

And Because When You Love Me,

I can find that hidden strength deep within me,

and learn


To Love Me.









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