Because a King Can Dream

Gold and purple and black,
Three different shades of dominance.
Gold and purple and black,
Three congruent roots of desire's trance.

However, not one robe could capture
The very essence of my rapture.
All they saw was my tattered beard,
Wishing for another hier to be feared.
Those peasants should be kneeling!
How are they not – for my sake – squealing?

Gold and purple and black,
The only canvas that truly matter.
Gold and purple and black,
The only luxuries for my platter.

However, not one eyeball gazes
On your so-called rag of phrases.
To dream that my wish rested on a robe;
Alas, you cannot fool me on this globe!
You fiends have shown me thin air
Not the glorious riches that I can wear!

Gold and purple and black–
What do you say, snotty heathen?
Gold and purple and black
Are colors never meant to be beaten!

However, my empty hands grasp
For something that will cause a gasp!
You have quite the nerve to still banter.
But how dare you say that I panter?
I am still as youthful as a child
And as free as a horse on the wild!

Gold and purple–
Bah, never say that I am senile!
Gold and purple and black,
Triple the divinity that stretches miles!

However, I believe in its existence
And no peasant can cause a resistance
As I realize my dream is too great to behold!
Even my noble eyes cannot be told
To distinguish the exquisite shades!
Fine, I'll wager for something that fades!

Oh, you mean your deserved payment?
Gold and purple and black,
Part of their wealth is in your hands.

Now begone from my sight!
My robes have no time to delight
A ragged soul such as yours, men!
At the sign of another morrow, then
You too can witness how my dreams –
Invisible they destined to be – gleams!

Gold and black and purple?
Black and purple and gold?
Order has no priority, as it is I
That am the pedestal of this walk!

As promised, the peasants have come
To witness how I am king and Rome!
The women shall lust over my glory;
The men shall envy my history!
For a God dwelled amongst the ground
Prancing with the holy clothes all around!

They bowed and kneeled, seeing
That I am their true master and being!
But what is that absurd cackle from above?
A rotten pest perched on a tree like a dove,
Foolishly believing he is a messenger.
Yet why is that laughter a passenger?

Between laughs, he evilly proclaims:
"The emperor has no robe, no plains!"
How dare such blasphemy escape
Those miserable lips? He has no shape
While I have shades of my divine right!
But even the peasants question my might.

But I have all the dreams in hues!
These robes value more than shoes!

They weren't the ones alone in a throne
With a family left as decomposed bones!

I was the one left to prove my title,
One that I can no longer belittle!

Instincts ruled that this robe was naught;
All my dreams was a foolish rot!

Live your nightmares, peasants
For I have longed lived mine, ants!
See if you can stand without my rule!
No more pleading bastards to duel
On my behalf for honor and stability!
I dare you all to say I only have vanity!

No matter if I was played like a violin,
I will gladly be the one next time to win!
The royals before me had sacrificed all
For you ignorant rats to lavish their fall!
You will all regret for not believing
That I am the reason for your breathing!

Gold and purple and black,
Three different shades of dominance.
Gold and purple and black,
Three congruent roots of vengeance.


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