Because it is easier to Circumvent


United States
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Do not disturb the fragile likes of
He, she, they
do not take kindly to the fickle sort.
I wish to behold before I become, I wish to grasp tranquility
void of trials
become half baked
time is my toil.
Time is my qualm.
I circumvent with an arsenal of beguilments.
I introdice my facade with spurious grins.
Fallacy is fearless, fallacy is instant.
It is easier to feign than to
withstand truth's turmoil.
One cannot be obtained without the other.
Time is a process to wait upon.

I am raw and fearful of the heat that comes with
you must cook to thrive.
For some there are microwaves
and for others
Time is the personal sort.
Capacity , Capacity, Capacity.
Time progresses slowly
forward , it is far from redundant.
We seldom recieve the pleasure of perfect timing .
We must jump to
begin anew.
With eyes wide open fall blindly.
With eyes wide open trust blindly.



This one is about Patience.
I think we can all relate.

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