Because I'm AWESOME!

Quiet. Or am I?

Loud. I can be.

Well behaved. I try.

Rebellious. I have my moments.

One thing is for sure though,


Artistic. I gotta express myself.

Intelligent. Not to brag but I have above average grades.

Nerdy. Just a little.

Geeky. Maybe a bit more of that.

Yes there is a difference, I know that because,


Simple. Makes it easier to enjoy life.

Lazy. Though a little hard work never hurt anyone.

Dance. I'll pass.

Sing. Always am.

I'm not one to care because,



Shy. Eh, maybe at first glance.

Out going. Depends on how well you know me.

Happy. Because I know how sadness feels.

Strong. Because I have been broken.

These things make me.

I am Awesome!

Love. I have a big heart.

Tears. Reminder that life isn't perfect.

Family. My roots and support.

Friends. For those lonely moments.

You will find all this at the core of me,

I am awesome.

Beautiful. I know I'm not Greek but I'm not bad.

Confident. I know I am not alone.

Loved. Because you can't give what you don't have.

True. I'm an open book.

I tend to wear my heart up my sleeve.

I am awesome.

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