Because I Loved You

Sat, 09/09/2017 - 12:19 -- aj93026

Past relationships came with some complexity/

But helped bring out the best in me/

Helped me realize Love was more than sex to me/

I wanted you next to me/

But every word you said to me/

Carried so much Inequity/


Because you were using me/

Emotionally abusing me/

But it wasn't abuse to me/

I viewed these actions stupidly/


Because I was blinded love and its attractions/

You had the power to make me backflip/

I noticed the past is the past but/

I was willing to go backwards/


You dont appreciate it/

Every time you said you love me it was simulated/

The power your words do/

You had me willing to anything cause that's what love do/

Forgave you for everything/

Got you a wedding ring/

Because I loved you/

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