Because I Love You, I Will Love You

Because he loves me,

his feelings are tangent to my own.

He loves me as he cares for himself;

I love him as I respect myself,

for our Father in Heaven teaches

when we love others we love ourselves.


Because he loves me,

He never implores that I can do no better

For in love we both believe we have caught a soulmate

Far greater than we deserve.

And so the spark never leaves my gaze,

Every time he walks into the room.


Because he loves me,

He treasures my flaws and shortcomings

Because those crevices are areas he can restore

with the liquid gold of his own talents.

For him I gladly do the same;

We repair each other with the luster of Kintsugi.


Because he loves me,

He knows I do not need to stand on his shoulders

to see this world and leave my mark,

but two flames together make greater fire,

and two firecrackers make pyromania

fighting for the greatest good.


Because he loves me,

I am happy when he his glad;

He is concerned when I am sad;

I can catch him when he falls;

He lifts me up when I win it all;

"Because I love you, I will love you."




This poem is about: 
Our world


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