Because I love you

Because I love you

I wrote your name on the walls of my heart, opened the door, and welcomed you in.

I didnt wear my heart on my sleeve, I gave it to you willingly. 

You took it, wrapped it with care, and said to me "I'll treasure it forever".

That's when I asked you

What if I cant get out of bed some days when you want to explore the entire world? What if im so glued to the sheets that I cant seem to find my way out. What if Im ugly some days? On the days when I meet your extended family, what if they think im ugly because the bags have gotten so bad under my green eyes that it looks more like a swamp than anything else? I havent slept well in weeks.

What if my hairs as messy as I feel like my life is?

What will you do?

You said Id buy glue remover, what is glue remover? Id pick you up from the sheets and hold you in my arms because I know thats what you need, for someone to just be there. On the days when you feel ugly know that you are not ugly, you are a force that is stronger than our human eyes can comprehend and my favorite color is green. All greens, but your eyes more than anything I dont notice bags, I notice how stunning they look when the bathroom light hits them at that perfect angle. 

If your hairs a mess I wash it for you, and your life isnt a mess, just your room.

But I'll help you clean it.

Because I know that's what you need. Is for someone to be there. 

Because I love you.

I'll stay through it all.

Because I love you.


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