Because I Love You

Because I love you I do things for you not seeking a refund 

At the end of the day you are my muse 

I have strong emotions for you, that doesn't mean I abuse you 

Because you love me I won't use that to keep you from leaving me 

I will always be longing for your best interest even if that's not by my side

I'm not gonna lie i pray that i can remain by your side and that your feelings never change

You symbolize my strength. You make me superman. But you are dangerous, you see your also my krytonite

Lets do the unthinkable and stay forever lets be each other's anchor 

When everyone abandoned you I never left your side 

Your were diagnosed with depression I became your cure 

You constantly cross my mind, you sooth my soul, you turn my face red, you give my butterflies

When we do things together we break through any obstacle 

I promise to never put in harms way, i refuse to try to force you to stay with me 

I love how we can disagree but the pot never becomes to heated 

I know we aren't perfect but loving you is worth it 

Love with you means sacrifice, I genuinly appreciate you, I thank you for your very existence 

When i was pulled into darkness you guided me out to the light again.

I love you 

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