Because I Love You

Because I Love You?


The phrase becomes an utterance of sorts

A phrase when heard leaves remorse

In my ears

It becomes harder for me to hear

And believe

When your father yells and then tells you

That it is Because He Loves You

You’ll realize that isnt true

The first time your lover screams in your face

And hits you

And the bruises make you feel like a disgrace

But how were you to know?


All your life youve been told that people are violent

Because they Love You.


Suddenly those words become an excuse

Because I Love You is the reason he will use

When he wants sex over substance

Communication under abusive consumption

I Love You So Much I Can’t Wait

You’ll realize that isn’t true

The first time he makes your body feel like an object

You feel you can’t object

How could you reject?


All this time you’ve been told by him that people want to have sex

Because they Love You.


Suddenly love is part of the debates

And when you fight the only argument he can make

When he lies

Is that he couldn’t stand the thought of

The Truth

Hurting you

I didn’t tell you…

He whispers with lips thin as daggers

His hands reach out to touch you

And cut you with surgical scissor blades

Because I Love You

And you realize it isn’t true

When you feel fear when you ask for the truth

And he brings china doll tears to his eyes,

Like clockwork they fall and soak into your hair

And the words roll off his lips like thick poison

“Why don’t you trust me?”


Manipulation feels like an open wound,

And he drains you

And drains you

And drains you

To fill up his empty veins

And empty you of everything


But that is not Love


I speak from experience


If he cries when you tell him no,

If he uses tears to take off your clothes

If he sighs when you ask for the truth

If he lies about where he was last night

If he raises his fist in a threat to hit you

If he shouts and screams to drown out your voice

The first time he breaks the promise I won’t do that again

The first time he makes sex feel like sin

Or bruises the tabernacle your soul resides in

The first time he throws a pan across the room

And makes you sweep up his mental mess with your heart like it is his broom





He doesnt love you



A real man tells you he loves you

Wiith more than just three words.

He does not use them as an excuse

He does not use them to justify abuse

Or cover the trail of lies he leaves

Other phrases are in his passionate lexicon

To him you are a goddess of which he is not worthy

He tells you he loves you and it reads like a story

When he speaks to you the words are implied


And you realize


It is in his eyes

And his voice

He respects every choice

He never raises his voice

He asks to kiss you even after the millionth kiss

Because your body is yours and not his.

Love isn’t a drug it’s a choice

Its a quiet voice

“Are you Okay?”

“How was your Day?”



Lips that taste like liquor lie

But love tastes like freedom

And it doesn’t die

Love is calling someone exquisite

Before you call them beautiful

Love isn’t a feeling it is a choice

Now you know…


A healthy relationship isn’t measured by the amount of sex,

The number of kisses,

The amount of breathes you take

Or the amount of mistakes you forgave,

A healthy relationship isn’t measureable


It overflows

It grows

It encourages

And that shows


Because fifty years from now when your hair is gray

You’ll look into your lovers eyes and say,

“I never once questioned your eyes

You Never lied,

You Never pried

You always wiped away my tears when I cried

You pushed me to be the fullest I could Be

You never wanted me to change, You wanted me for me

You never raised a voice or a hand,

And that may be hard for you to understand,

But I've lived my whole life being told the wrong version of love

And you finally realize,

People accept you for who you are

Every flaw, Every mark,

and make the choice everyday

To stay…..


Because They Love You



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