"Because I Love You"

Because I love You,

I abandon my own glorification

Because I love You,

I bow myself down in humble submission

Because I love You,

I sacrifice my pride

Because You first loved me

And gave up Your life

Because I love You,

I realize that life isn’t all about me

Because I love You,

I strive to help those in need, even my enemies

Because I love You,

For others I’ll have a servant’s heart

Because You served first,

And love is who You are

A God who came down from Heaven

To be pierced and beaten, sent to the cross

Our hope is His resurrection

Just days after the world’s greatest loss

A God who calls me to reflect Him more

In His perfect character

I’m talking about Jesus Christ, my LORD

And I know you may be secular

But there’s no greater love

There’s no one else that can reach such an incredible standard

Every earthly love fails, beautiful but broken, only a slight reflection of the beauty of God above

And all that leads me to cry, “I must become less, and He must become greater.”


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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