The Beauty You See

I look in the mirror
and finally see

a sweet smile
two pink lips
so gentle and soft

happy heartfelt eyes
intriguing swirls of color
pulling you into a deeper sea

brunette flowing hair
golden streaks shining
down to my shoulders

subtle curves
bending down my sides
a truly stunning form

lightly tanned legs
shaved smooth
shortened perfection

two dainty feet
with ten tiny toes
staggeringly grounded

I look in the mirror
and finally see
the beauty you see



This poem seeks to cut out verbosity and focus on the images which words conjure--which is exceedingly fitting, as the overall image of the poem is of the narrator looking into a mirror. each stanza is stripped of extraneous words, composed of only the essential words needed to convey appropriate image. I think it works very well. Good work!

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