Beauty Unseen

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 22:45 -- GtMan95

Beauty is there, for everyone to see,

But people now a days seem to be blind.

No thoughts at all, of what beauty can be,

For their hearts are closed, as well as their minds.


Beauty sparks feelings, in wondrous ways,

But sadly these senses are left unknown.

As lives whisk by, peoples’ sights run astray,

For they're too rushed to see the beauties shown.


Beauty is abundant, and oh so free,

But through eyes of people it’s hard to find.

Caged, is beauty, to those who will hurry,

For their eyes may work, but seem undefined.


Beauty brings joy, almost every day,

But beauty is scared and feels all alone.

Only to be seen, is what beauty prays,

For their hearts and minds are beauty’s true home.


Beauty has hope, for kids like you and me,

But hopes not all, for love is intertwined.

Filled, beauty feels, with true care and pure glee,

For we see beauty, and all of its kinds.

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