Beauty Standardization

Blonde hairBlue eyes“Beautiful”Bodies as frail asToothpicks. But the standard they set,The standard seen as the normIn this society,Drives us to believeIn false beauty Are these the women With whose bodiesShe fell in love with?Doesn’t she knowThat what's goodRadiates from the insideNot the out? An internal struggleNever understood byAnyone but thoseWho suffer the same,Leaves her longingFor these lanky limbs And weak joints “You’re beautiful”I’ll tell herThe way she is, Is beautiful.But I did not know This only makes it worse The hunger in her eyesHer soul,He body.Now i hardly recognizeWho she used to be Every now and thenI catch a glimpse,A brief reminder Of the caring girl She truly is. But in an instant,Like a curtain,The light shimmering from her eyesDraws shut.This relieving feeling,Not to show itself againFor quite some time. But when it doesI grasp the opportunityHold tight to the momentLong for more time with itBecause I love herWho she wasWho she is,It’s all the same. I never lost youYou lost yourself.And your journey ofSelf-discoveryBegins now.  


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