Beauty Mark: Societies Perception of Beauty


United States
32° 35' 30.6528" N, 96° 59' 7.2492" W

Societies' perception of beauty
Is Warped
It changes based on
In America, beauty seems to be
Tall, skinny
And often times BLOND
Our perception of beauty is pain
Is nothing
To the women of the Karo tribe in Ethiopia
That have their skin cut
Strategically to create a
Beautiful pattern of scares
Maybe we should talk to our Chinese sisters
Whose feet are bound from birth
The women of the Kayan tribe
Located deep in Burma
Believe that long necks are elegant
So they stretch their necks
With golden rings
Adding more and more
Maybe we should learn a lesson
From the Middle East
Covering up
Instead of bearing all
Maybe we should leave some mystery
So that there won't be
So many babies having babies
The women of the Mauritania tribe
Are curvaceous
They are prepared for weeks
Months even
Each pound gained
Pounded perfectly into place
Being thin is a sign of being malnourished
An undesirable quality
In a well sought after bride-to-be
Just like the curves of the women above
The bigger the better
Lip plates
The beauty tool of choice
For the women of the Mursi tribe
Inserted in and increased in size
This manifests itself
Into a hideously gorgeous
Expression of beauty
The last piece of beautiful art
Is something that is even accepted
Within American society
The Maori women in Polynesia
Have tattoos etched into their faces
Intricate designs
That take a lifetime to complete
Our sense of beauty
Makes us prideful
We don't like people that aren't like us
That don't fit into the box that
Society tells us beauty
Is built in
Anything foreign
Is the enemy
The perception of beauty
In this society is
And shattered
Beyond repair

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This poem came from the heart. I hate seeing all the women who find themselves unattractive because they "don't fit in". I found it interesting to become more culturally aware as well as learn about all of the different practices

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