Beauty In Blood

Her thighs held fingers prints of a soulless man
and she’s willing to give up hers if it will have him stay
just a little bit longer.
Poisons sit on top of pregnant eyes like the regret on top of a mother’s heart
she’s way past numb, and some say she’s given up her nine lives just to fix the one before
whore’s hung from her family tree like niggas, scars laced her back like a map of where to run
and I can honestly say I was a victim of hysterical blindness
mind this, his eyes were different under the stairwell light
I couldn’t make out the souls trapped behind his eyes
like cherry popper prizes, hands covered in blood from the women before I
now here I stand bruised like the whore before me
scarred like the bitches who ignored me and the questions that sang with no real truth
proved to me that shit ain’t always as fucked up as it seem
they can become much worse
so unable to save we enslave her, cradling innocence in scarred wombs hoping to leave a message of hope tattooed on the walls of my womb
warning little girls that they will be forced to be laves in single mattresses
misplace souls in tousled sheets, conduct tricks for trick the trade of becoming a trick
motherless daughters have been raised in a time where fatherless sons grow up
in a place when you aren’t worrying when your gonna get that next nut
I'm not saying that every game a man is playin ain’t worth watching but
women are beginning to give up their souls just to sit in the front row so
I plead on deaf ears hoping that she can hear me
Think, before placing all reactions and actions taking place between your thighs
and not behind your eyes.



Love you pearl you are an amazing poet. You're poem
is so deep.


Love you pearl you are an amazing poet. You're poem
is so deep.

Golden Child 123

This poem actually caught my attention and my spirit because for the first time I finally learned how a woman feels out there in the real world because we sometimes realize that we never take the time to ask a woman how she feels because they keep in bottled inside of them which tears them apart and make them feel different about themselves or even worst to begin to doubt themselves


This poem is amazing and truly inspiring!!! I hear the message of this poem and i agree with you... girls should really think about what they're doing before they do it.


Thank you for telling the tale. It is with powerful words like these that many young girls my learn to value themselves before another. Thank you again!


I hear it from my parents all the time; think before you act. But to hear it from you, it makes me realize that thinking twice about your actions is truly important. Thank you.


The message is praiseworthy in itself, but no one has commended you for your exemplary use of metaphors and the way your use of sound deices compliments the tone of desperation, confusion, and rage. Your style is really just magnificent. Wonderful job!


So powerful! This is an inspiration to women inabusive relationships. Well done! The imagery was beautiful!


speak the words of truth


Down right amazing!


Down right amazing!


You use your words in such a rhytm I couldn't help but replay your poem 3 times. Your poem is about something, its about thinking. Thank you. I really liked your peom.


wow. absolutely stunning. im seriously speachless. 


Holy fuck, you had me shaking at the grit and sincerity of your words. You are a damn good poet. You are brilliant. I mean, this is brilliance. Have'nt read a good poem like this in a while, nor a review as long as this one.

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