Beauty and No Beast

The Beast was mean,

but then he turned kind.

I came clean,

I wanted him to be mine.

Happily ever after, you say?

Maybe so.

But each and every day,

I wonder if I should have said no.

No to the castle.

No to the prince.

It would have been less hassle.

Thinking of it makes me wince.

I am a smart girl,

still eager to learn.

I need to get out in the world.

I feel it is my turn,

To live for myself,

to be on my own.

I want to put this fairytale story on the shelf,

and write the story of how I have grown.

My thoughts are magic,

my words are gold.

Trapped in this castle, it's tragic!

And, getting quite old.

I will create my own fairytale.

I don't need a Beast or a Man.

I am an educated female,

and I will start from where I began.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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