Beauty and The Beast

Darkness spreaded the sky

As the evil crows began to fly

A dark shadow attacked the palace's light

As the palace's guards began to fight

But the shadow cursed the light into darkness

The light always filled the world with brightness

It used to be glorious

But now it's meant to be hideous


After the incident, the world was never bright

But there was always a girl that fought for her right

Her lips were like roses 

Her brown eyes were the sun's kisses

She always had an ambition

So her father sent her on a mission

She always finished her duty

She was known as Beauty


She prefered the name Belle

So it would be easy for everyone to say

She was told to help someone that she didn't know well

She was told to complete the mission by Mid-May


As she reached her destination, she couldn't believe what she saw

She was filled with awe

She was in the most aesthetic and attractive building

Her exuberance got her singing

She was excited to see the dining room with a feast

Her smile faded when she saw the hideous Beast


Belle was like a precious rose to the Beast

But she liked him the very least

She always thought he was a horrid creature

Belle never wanted him in her future

Belle only liked the Beast for his riches

Only a handsome prince could satisfy her wishes


The petals of the glorious rose started falling like an Autumn leaf

The tension of the time put the Beast in great grief

He wanted Belle to break his curse with a fresh kiss

She was the only person he would miss


As time passed, Belle started liking the Beast

But she didn't know his energy was at the very least

Her heart sank when she saw the red rose petals fall on the shiny dish

Marrying the Beast was her only wish

She sadly gave him a farewell kiss

His spell was broken and the prince was in bliss


The palace was filled with darkness

Until the prince spreaded it with lightness

The light helped people be brave 

And gave them the happiness that they crave


Belle was happy for the prince

She was a poor girl that loved him ever since

She started regretting her love for his riches

She knew her low standard would remove him from her romantic wishes


The royal prince went to Belle's cottage

He wanted her forever

He proposed her for marriage

They finally lived more happier than ever


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