Beauty of the UP

Walking to find trail, carrying all that you need on your back.

Rocks piled on rocks reassuring you of your path.

The sunlight pokes through the tops of the trees

The breeze washes over you and whispers

In your ear that you can carry on

Traveling off the path you find a clearing to set up camp.

As you walk on a stone patio

An exquisite view takes your breath away

The lake goes on for miles

Only to be surrounded by a fence of trees.

The sunset brings a mixture of hot pink, orange and yellow to the sky.

Night comes and goes as all that you

Once had out is not packed onto your back once again.

You walk on to find the trail once more.

Walking on brings more intoxicating views that bring you a sense of peace.

It all become harder and harder until you hear the rushing of a waterfall.

The weight of your backpack comes off as you set it down to take in your surroundings.

The beauty of looking down on all the trees and lakes and rivers below

A sense of relaxation washes through you

After recharging from the view, you push on

The house tick by before you find that you are on another cliff side

Looking down on a breath-taking view of another clear lake surrounded by trees.

The darkness of the night starts to creep in as camp is set up.

The last view of the night is the speckled sky

Daylight comes as everything is taken down

As you begin to walk on bits of refreshing rain falls through the trees.

The rain comes to an end as you finally make it out of the woods.

Sunlight begins to embrace you as satisfaction of overcoming all that you thought was possible

Overwhelms you and in that moment you know that you are capable of anything.


#Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam

This poem is about: 
Our world


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