Beautiful Things

Sometimes I find myself focusing on fabrications

That are designed by the nations 

Of what defies the normal creation

A handsome face, drawn on facade invasions

Love at frist sight is a deviation

Love is a full time job, it takes patience

Attraction is the light you see in someone

And the couple goals is in collaboration

Not this strange instragram sensation

Maybe I get a sensation like shivers down my spine

Hoping maybe this is the man supporting me when I can't stand

Will make me feel more valued than the grains of sand

Feel the sound beneath our feet as we walk on beach land

Isee him proposing, a ring on my hand

Wait slow down i am the floater of the crowd

Just drifting without a fake sound following me around

I stand seeing makeout sessions

That might just lead to depression

How one didn't get enough attention

So guilt trips the pretty girl with their connection

A connection that is loosely tied by thrills and fantasies

But if you rewind the legit relationships 

You find people willing to wrestle through their dips

They workout life until their hair old and gray 

They both love God that is all they pray

Until they see the new day paradise

What a sight that will be a delight 

Instead of licing on passion fashion 

To walk on with hopes of expansion

An expanse don't know the real deep of love 

They wade in the kiddie pool

Just too cool, to remember that you hold another heart

And you joke around, it may fall apart

But as the potter takes broken clay to level 10

Trust and Respect will be the master plan

My love is in the master's hands 

So I pray he would take who I am to be a great wife, mother, and discover

That at 17 years old the game was made of boy players

Too busy dribbling and shooting hearts

Not like a man to take it seriously when beautiful things fall apart

This poem is about: 
My community


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

always keep your eye on The Lord

He'll provide, trust in Him

well said

your spoken words have come to life

spread & infuse truth

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