The Beautiful Scene

Remember how we were simple children

Laughing and playing, with songs, a billion

Then you handed out a pack of raging paper

That blew our minds, and thinking over it later

We decided that life was a puzzle to solve

As long as we followed the rules, around us, the world would revolve

We thought then, and still some of us do

That from wide-spaced lines, we were told

To, “Grow up, now-your perspective needs resoled

It’s time to work and grow your minds

There’s no place for petty lullabies

Because all that you, children, need to know

Is that college education is your livelihood and show

Advance yourselves to the front of the line

So others can’t say they’re more refined

Be doctors, investors, people with pride

In the money that is made with no one by your side

Because that’s all that matters, foundlings

That’s all you’ll have while bounding

To a lonely life with money aplenty

No kids, no home, no shared love, just empty

Snub that guy who’s self employed

He’s obviously another filler for the void

Because you, my dears, shouldn’t live life simply

Engulfing ideas, world-wide fame; come now, let’s not be skimpy

Think less of the mother at home with her child

Who doesn’t have a job, and likes keeping things mild

Because she is a fool, there’s not a reason to doubt it

Since, with her husband, she gave birth to a baby; her thoughts are clouded

Who would choose such a position to stand by

When an upper-class existence pushes for excellence in telling white lies

In view of the fact that you don’t lie already

Because  green backs, as you know, aren’t at all a little heady

Boys and girls, I’ll tell you,

For you surely haven’t a clue

Of how the education system and all it teaches is truth

So cinch tight your breaches, and give us your youth

The world is big, but you are much bigger

You’re a light to shine for example and vigor

 We’ll teach you with sweet smiles right here in this room

To announce, after your achievement, it was our effort that allowed your fruition to bloom

Because, my sweet children, you can’t learn on your own

For you just aren’t capable to roam in that zone.”


But I’m here to tell you

A slightly different point of view:

That every child who is able should learn what they can

We take advantage of the opportunities piled up in one hand

That education isn’t a fraud

Just don’t think that the high life is a medal to be awed

Prosperity should not be your goal, it should not be your aim

Life, I can vouch, is no show and no game

And nix saying what you’ve done is bound to someone else’s affair 

For in truth, it isn't yours or theirs, but only the heirs

The world doesn’t stop at your great mind

It keeps spinning and creating other brilliant kinds

There is nothing to fear in simplicity

Or the hard worker without a pinch of personal publicity

This is life, my fellow humans who breathe

So gird your loins and pull close your sheathe

I beg, you never waste the years you may have

On trinkets and parties and money as salve

Life moves quickly, quietly-you can’t hear it pass by

Be kind, be loving, be honest as pie

Perhaps, then,  you’ll look about and enjoy what you see

For honesty, lovingness, and kindness paint beautiful a scene



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