Beautiful Princess


Beautiful Princess


There was once a night,

That darkness came to light,

And only beauty was in sight.


A pure beauty was found,

Her looks so profound,

Yet her life turned around,

And her faith gazing down,

But it all changed, once they were bound.


His life changed for the better,

He wondered why he never met her,

That thought was his greatest wonder,

Her heart,his greatest treasure,

His feelings, had no measure,

Their conversations of great pleasure,

Eventually getting them together.


He perceived her to be the best,

And she believed him to be better than the rest,

They were perfect nonetheless,

And neither had any regrets,

But doubts if it was a test,

Or just a game of lust for sex?

Due to constant breakups with exes,

As she laid her head on his chest,

The charming prince knew she was his beautiful princess...


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