The Beautiful Poem


United States
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vanity vanity this is all vanity,

we live in a world that would saacrifice its own humanity.

This by the definition, definds the word insanity,

to keep doing the same thing but expecting a change within oour destiny. 

Its like spewing our evil and expecting a different ending to our self-inflicted adversity.

Vanity within our profanity, revealing the extent of our vocabularies.

Vanity within our identity which screams out for God's love and conforting.

Becuase we are constantly learing but never applying the new standard.

We are constantly thinking but never understanding.

And we tend to constantly consume but continue to remain famished.

Yet we are constantly blessed but never persuaded to be thankful.

And we are constantly told the truth but choose to live a lie.

Which is causing us to be constantly consumed by this world that is causing us to die. 

And only through God can we be revived

Because he lives in a world that has not been consumed by you and i..


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