Beautiful Nightmare

Land of the free, home of the brave,

our helpless immigrants. They refuse to save.

They crave our culture, but push us away.

They want us for labor, but oppress us everyday.

They split our families, but wear our sombreros.

They claim to want equality, but treat us like perros.

The bombardment of ICE ruining our lives,

a cruel and divided country, hidden in disguise. 

The United States of America, but where's the unity?

Donald Trump, look me in my eyes and listen to me. 

I dread my tan skin, my native tongue.

A country necessitates immigrants like a body necessitates a lung!

The discrimination that we endure is simply unfair, 

raping our children in government custody and refusing to care.

Deportation is our biggest scare,

The United States of America. A beautiful nightmare.  

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



Awsome poem i loved it!


Thank you!


When darkness falls

and stars are dripping from the sky

We all prepare to close our eyes

and go to sleep.

I have a question for you,

do you lock your door at night?

That means you're a "streetist"-- you hate everyone in the street

That's why you locked your door, right?

Or maybe it's because you don't know

Anything about

Who's walking outside

They could be a serial killer

Or your average guy!

Either way,

best to play it safe

And lock your door at night

(and seal our borders up tight,

so they can't just walk in

without knowing who they are...



That's amazing! 


Thanks! I think its important to understand the other side of the argument, don't you?


In a way, I think it's significant to be aware of both sides of an argument, such as immigration, and form an opinion based upon morality and human decency. 


Yes. And national safety :)


Yes. And national safety :)


Statistically, immigration does not alleviate national safety. There are several other factors that play a role in that, which I've written poems on as well. Check them out :)







FY 2016 - FYTD 2019

This table organizes convictions of criminal aliens by type of criminal conduct. Because some criminal aliens may be convicted of multiple criminal offenses, total convictions listed below exceed the total arrests noted in the table above.

 FY 16FY 17FY 18FYTD 19Assault, battery, domestic violence1,007692524143Burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, fraud82559534779Driving under the influence2,4581,5961,113310Homicide, manslaughter8330Illegal drug possession, trafficking1,7971,249871242Illegal entry, re-entry7,0604,5023,9201,278Illegal weapons possession, transport, trafficking23717310631Sexual offenses1551378027Other22,5441,8511,364381

1CBP’s Fiscal Year is October 1 through September 30.
2“Other” includes any conviction not included in the categories above.

Last modified: April 5, 2019 



oops that table came out kinda funny. But go check it out on security page :)


Criminal convictions of that sort does not further elucidate the notion that immigrants threaten national safety. There are abundant crimes throughout the country that concern every race, so if we're going based off of that, I guess that means we would have to kick every race out of America then :)

You should check this link out as well. 

"Illegal Immigration Does Not Increase Violent Crime, 4 Studies Show." on ""




Well, you kind of just put your foot in your mouth by mentioning that fact.

It's true that we have plenty of crime within the US. So why add to it?

And the issue is not necessarily that illegal aliens are criminals. The issue is we don't know. What would you do if you found someone in your house who didn't even bother to knock on the door or announce themselves. Would you feel safe? And it could be that the person is totally normal. Still, it is a huge safety issue to allow strangers into a place without being able to check that they are the kind of people you want to allow into your home.


I didn't put my foot in mouth, however, I brought up statistics to negate the point that was previously argued. You are still insinuating that "illegal aliens" are the only criminals in this country, and they aren't. There are many people within this country already that we don't know, and they do horrific things so that point isn't valid. Immigration isn't the problem at all, there are many other areas of concern such as the abundant school shootings that we have. Every citizen that commits a crime adds to it, not just immigrants. Singling them out would be nonsensical, because you're not going to be able to reduce crime by attempting to rid a country of an entire race. A major problem in this country, as I stated before, would be school shootings. Statistically, only white males have committed school shootings, and the United States has an embarassingly higher school shooting rate than the other countries. However, are you going to treat every white male that you encounter poorly? Are you going to have a preconceived notion that every white male is a school shooter? Are you going to blame white males for the crime in the country? No. 

In addition, you are misunderstanding my point in general. I'm not saying to allow every immigrant in this country that doesn't possess the proper documentation because that would be nonsensical and unrealistic. I'm simply raising awareness to the abundant discrimination that immigrants face daily for simply wanting better opportunities. There are many American people that travel to other countries for better opportunities, such as people who travel to Canada because they have better college tuition there. That doesn't make the American people that travel "illegal immigrants" and that doesn't mean that they should be discriminated against. There are immigrants who are being separated from their families, as well as children who are raped and violated while in government custody while simultaneously being split from their parents. How would you feel if that was you? How would you feel if that were your family that had to live in a separate country from you? Immigration isn't a safety concern, there are many residents within this country already who are unsafe and add to crime, and you can't solely blame that on "illegal immigrants." The notion that immigrants "add to crime" is discriminatory and lacks morality. 

You honestly believe that the elimination of immigrants will reduce crime? Because crime within a country will be continous, regardless of the purposely and discriminatory elimination of a specific race. 


In addition to this, my point is that specifically choosing to eliminate a specific race, when all races commit the same crimes, is appalling. 


You're hysterical! America is not trying to eliminate a race. We are not trying to kick Mexicans out. Not at all! People of all races and nationalities are welcome into this country with open arms. BUT they have to enter LEGALLY. Crossing the border without a visa (or overstaying one's visa) is ILLEGAL. It doesn't matter if you're a straight white male from Canada! Crossing the American border without proper documentation is ILLEGAL. End of the story :)


But if you claim that people exhibit resentment towards immigrants who are here legally, then I would have to agree that such behavior is unnacceptable and a blemish on our country.


What's hysterical is that you are, once again, missing the point of my argument. I never said to let illegal immigrants into this country, because I am well aware that is against the law, and I wouldn't praise something that is directly disobeying the law. I am raising awareness for the discrimination that immigrants face, and calling out the people in this country that want all immigrants out, regardless if they are here legally. 


"Deportation is our biggest scare"

To me, it would sound as if your poem is in fact about illegal  aliens,

since the breaking up of families and deportation is an event that only illegal aliens experience.

However, if you claim that your argument is that your people are being discriminated against within a perfectly legal system, then I applaud you for speaking out :)


I understand how you could've perceived it as that way, and since I was writing about it, I didn't think of how someone else could take it. However, I was speaking on legal immigrants who may have illegal immigrants in their families, or illegal immigrants as friends, and they fear their deportation. I don't condone illegal immigrants coming into any country, which is why I never said "illegal" during our debate. However, thank you. I try to raise awareness about everything that I can :)


"I'm not saying to allow every immigrant in this country that doesn't possess the proper documentation because that would be nonsensical and unrealistic. I'm simply raising awareness to the abundant discrimination that immigrants face daily for simply wanting better opportunities," is also what I said to clear up any misconceptions. It isn't my race that I'm speaking on, because I'm not Hispanic, but I can identify with minorities which is why I wrote this poem to try and raise awareness for an injustice. 


Then, as a fellow minority member, I applaud you


Thank you very much! 


wonderful and inspiring words


Thank you very much!

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