A Beautiful Love

Gorgeous and shining all throughout the day. Here in your heart is where I belong. The pounding of your heart is like a beautiful song, Loving and caring right down to the core. 
A special place for you and me, An unbreakable bond to guide us through.Amazing and beautiful, not a star nor a moon. Much prettier than that, and only i can see.
Feeling me with happiness, joy, love and peace. Her smiles are so stunning, cannot look away. When you look at me, my heart shudders with joy, my breath skips a beat.
A love filled with soft gentle touch that will shake you to the core. Some roads are rough but there is always a better way. Your love wonderful, beautiful and true.
It's a wonder how you came along but your love is something i can ponder on.
You've never been afraid of sharing your love, you've always allowed me to operate with freedom.
Thanks for pushing the boundaries in every task we have undertaken. Thanks for giving me the chance to clarify when i was mistaken. And above all, thanks for being there even when there was no one to be called.


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