Beautiful Lies


I was doing just fine in this cold world

Why did you come along?

To maybe throw me for a loop?

Silly girl I was

Why did I not trust myself?

Instincts tell me stop, turn around

And I say he's cute, I'll make it work

My dreams I had with you were fake

Why did I not see it for my sake?

Every minute with you was a lie

But it didn't appear to my eye

You say "I won't let you down."

I believe it until that night

That beautiful night

The stars were shinning oh so bright

I take my calming walk down to the park

And what I see I just couldn't believe

You on the marry-go-round

But not by yourself, no

My head spins round and round

Whats happening? 

You with her?

I feel nauseous

And then you see me, and say shes nothing

She gets mad and storms off

Obviously she was something

So everything was just a lie

Your beautiful mouth spoke nothing but

Yes it hurt

More than anything

Because I was mad at myself

Mad that I could believe your beautiful lies

Now my heart remains locked

So I can't be harmed by anyones beautiful lies




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