beautiful goodbyes



I was blank.

There was no variation in color

In my eyes


I was Empty

There was nothing in my heart

To grow my emotions


It’s interesting

To see the outside of someone

As I was




And you take a look into the inside

Who they really are

As I was



God, there is such beauty

The heart that was drowned in vodka

Grows a new species of flowers

The colorless canvas of eyes

Have become a rainbow of uniqueness.

It is difficult to find those

Who really, truly care

Enough to break past the drowned heart and colorless eyes

But once you do,

Ah, it is so beautiful


Do not doubt yourself if you begin to see the colorless eyes

Or feel your heart as if it has been drowned in vodka


Because you, my love,

Are forever beautiful

With your vodka-stained heart,

And your splatter-painted eyes.


c.s 19 feb 2017


This poem is about: 
Our world


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