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Tue, 06/25/2019 - 18:30 -- msow32

When I was younger I use to think that something was wrong with my skin,
I would shower 4 times a day,
Scrubbing extra hard and using extra soap thinking that some dirt would come off,
Sometimes I would scrub so hard to the point my skin starts to hurt,
People would call me all kinds of dark skin jokes,
One day someone told me "Maybe if you was a little lighter you would have been much prettier " as soon as he said that I wanted to poor bleach in his mouth so bad but I didn't let it get to me,
As I've gotten older i started to appreciate my complexion more I just wished there were more Dark skin tones on television, Magazines, and movies,
As I've gotten older them dark skin jokes gotten so old,
Tbh I started to laugh at em myself because i found it funny and soo ridiculous how can someone be so jealous,
I started to think that maybe their jealous that the sun kissed my Skin a lil more then theirs and how the sun welcomes my skin complexion a lil more then theirs and so my skin reacts in this glowing sensation,
To the guy who said he wants a girl with a lighter skin tone so his babies can come out "light and beautiful"
To the group of light skin girls in elementary school who said to me I can't sit with them because my skin is darker then theirs ,
To the little girl that I was a couple years ago,
I want you to know I accepted the fact that my skin is rich, soft, sweet and beautiful as chocolate ,
One day when I have my own daughter I'll remind her every single day that her skin is beautiful and that she has been sun kissed by the sun ♥️

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