Beautiful? Beautiful.

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 10:40 -- tgarcia


43° 40' 42.7656" N, 79° 29' 46.7268" W


The curves of my body and the scars on my skin are there to remind me that I am beautiful.

That I will not be a size two, that I will not be anyone but myself.

I have been bullied, but that was mainly because I did not love myself, and I did not have the God in my life.  

I listened to cruel words instead of loving what God blessed me with.

I was my biggest critique. I was always putting myself down.


I could not give a flying donkey about what someone says about me.

I am beautiful. God made me beautiful.

Every strand of hair, every organ, everything on my body

he made beautiful.

In the past I was weak.

I was blinded by what I thought was pretty.

Till I opened my mouth, my mind, my eyes, and saw all the beautiful things in the world.

I knew at that  moment I was created to bring change to this world.

God helped me gain the confidence, knowledge, and strength

and said to me, “You are made to do something more in life. You cannot live your life doubting yourself. You are beautiful.”

I made it my goal to smile everyday to be happy even when I feel like strangling the mess out of someone.

I chose to pursue a  career in special education

so that I can teach self love.

That not matter your disability, we are all the same.

We all have love which is brought by something everyone has: one beautiful beating heart.

All God's creations are beautiful.


Yes we are Beautiful.


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