Beautiful and with Purpose

Stop, close your eyes.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Feel the air as it fills you;

and as it leaves you.

Open your eyes

and see the world around you.

Look beyond the pain, terror, and despair,

and see the world through new lenses.

Look at the sky,

so common but so wide.

Look at the plants,

so simple but alive.

Look at the creatures,

that move and breathe.

Look at the sea,

like the sky but so unique.

Look at the people,

so diverse, yet so similar.

Sure its everyday you see the sky and people,

but take a closer look.

Forget all that you think you know 

and see the world for what it has to offer.

In all its beauty, complexity,

and what's beyond our imagination.

Look at a leaf, 

It's a just a plain plant,

but it lives, drinks, produces the air we breathe.

Look deeper an you see its cells,

with a system so complex

but yet so precise.

Everything is active,

Everything knows where to go,

Everything has a purpose.

And if everything has a purpose, 

in that single cell,

don't you think we have a purpose in this world?

A purpose to live,

A purpose to thrive,

A purpose to love,

A purpose to explore,

A purpse to find our true selves,

And a Purpose to Inpire.

When I look around,

I see the beauty around me,

Beauty that's possessed by its environment,

Beauty that's possessed in its people, 

Beauty that calms us,

Beauty that surprises us,

Beauty that does the impossible,

As it has been endowed by its creator.

Forming the DNA of every living creature.

The DNA that makes us beautiful,

The DNA that shows us who we are,

The DNA that holds our passions and talents,

The DNA that show us we are all human,

Fallen short, saved by grace.

Has a fire inside that just burns

and yearns to be alive.

Wanting more in life,

Seeking what is right,

Hungaring freedom,

Learning our purpose, finding our way in broken world

that is in need of the light inside us.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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