Wed, 07/02/2014 - 15:35 -- Arturia

What is beauty?

Is it long brown straight hair 

or big doe eyes?

Is there a certain look?


What do we tell the little girl with the big curly hair and the brown eyes?

How can she feel beautiful when she is surrounded by images

images of what beauty should be?

We tell her she's perfect the way she is 

Yet everywhere she goes she is surrounded by diet infomercials

and instagram pictures  tagged #thinspiration 


What happens when boys tell her they would never want someone as dark and ugly as her

when girls label her hair as nappy and not "good"

What happens when she starts to feel ugly?


We cry. We cry for the little girl

We tell her she is beautiful and wanted

why do we wait until she cries for help

What is beauty anyway? Is it something that can be defined, grasped?

Is is even attainable?


Beauty is not just "skin deep"

Beauty is nature

It is strength

It is intelligence

It is love

And most importantly it is acceptance


So wipe those tears away little one

You are more valuable than you realize

You are more than your scars and your insecurities

You are a beautiful rose

You bring diversity, love and most importantly

You hold the light 



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