The Beatles said it best

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 14:08 -- DR1222



the definition of Love is complex

deeper than the ocean

more confusing than human life

yet more rewarding than anything else



Love recalls the feeling of being alive

because one can be present and breathing

but feel dead inside



your cells are energized.

your senses are alert;

electric stimuli

rumble through every nerve.


capture a moment

hold on to it

put it on replay and rewind.


Love lies in different places

but it fills every crack on the Earth

cherish love from a mother, brother, or neighbor

but remember that a broken heart invites the love of a stranger


my Love lies at home

with my family and friends

the buzzing kitchen noises

remind me that I'm not alone

the hole in the wall, the stain on the couch,

remind me that I’m not on my own.

I walk through the walls full of pictures in frames,

all shapes and sizes

and different colors too,

from mahogany stained to slate black.

back then, it looked so tacky.

but now that I’m departing,

I look at it  as a stroll through memory lane


farewell my old love

I will find a new one

Because it is a necessity

It keeps my sanity intact

It’s a wonderful ecstasy

The Beatles said it best

“All you need is love”



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