The Beatles' Redemption

It’s been a hard day’s night

I should be sleeping like a log

But the fools are steady day trippin’

So I have to fight them off

They need to learn how to let it be

And get away from me

Because I can’t stand their constant foolery

8 days a week

I’m gonna give them a ticket to ride

The next train out of here

Coo-coo-kachoo away

Out of my atmosphere

Send these fools into the sky

With Lucy and her diamonds

Shoot them across the universe

To a place where you can’t find them

I’m going to use Maxwell’s silver hammer

To put their hatter-ship to sleep

Screaming “Help!” from their yellow submarine

As it sinks, bleep bleep bleep

OR we could take a trip back to yesterday

And all come together

Invite Eleanor Rigby so she won’t be

Alone forever

Hey Jude! Hey dude!

Quit you membership for the Lonely Hearts Club

Because even though we try

Money can’t buy us love

She loves you, he loves you

And I do too

So let’s leave the hate and move forward

Like dreamers do


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