The Beating Of a Stethoscope

  1. Short curly hair with the eyes of the future 

  1. One eye I should say, I'm a visionary cyclop. 

  1. I envision the past to save the fate of the people 

  1. Or so I was told as I was given this dreadful power. 

  1. The power of the Grim Ripper. 

  1. We are all sinners, we just sin differently, 

  1. I am not superman, I'm a deathly angel. 

  1. Not a superhero, or a good Samaritan like most doctors 

  1. I'm a tarantula who steadily strangles its victims pill by pill, 

  1. I could save lives, but instead I choose to kill. 


  1. I used to picture being a psychiatrist as a beautiful pathway towards paradise, 

  1. My first therapy session was as beautiful as the garden of Eden.  

  1. As luminous as the Sirius star was his smile as he walked away from my dark cubicle. 

  1. His name was Mr. Judas, he was a mid-thirty successful men, 

  1. However, the advertisement business had made his hair silky and grey. 

  1. Mr. Judas's son would visit from time to time this filled him with joy. 

  1. Alike him, all my other patients came and went for six years leaving with so much joy,  

  1. Most smiled because of dementia others because sadness was no longer an option. 

  1. Hell! I hated to see such happiness! 

  1. It was so inane listening to the same suicidal issues day after day. 

  1. Hate? That's not the word... "detest" was more like it 

  1. I chose to fix the insane, 

  1. Until I realized that we are all the same. 


  1. I think it was the aseptic smell of carbolic acid that made me like the rest of them, 

  1. The more I worked with them the more crazy I became. 

  1. That smell! It reached my inner lungs faster than oxygen. 

  1. Worse than rotten flesh, my patients were walking cadavers. 

  1. They didn’t truly have purpose for living they were lonely, everyone except Mr. Judas. 

  1. I would howl like a wolf at the moon in agony for my loneliness, 

  1. It was my only friend, along with the high shrieking voice my lips made at times. 

  1. Or maybe it was my excessive drinking provoking my inner thoughts, 

  1. That caused me to be like the rest of them. 


  1. I used to love my wife more than a fat kid loves cake. 

  1. One day, she brought a tuna salad to my horrific job,  

  1. Then she sneaked into a dorm room with Mr. Judas. 

  1. Nine month later my daughter Nina was born. 

  1. On Nina's sixth birthday I strangled my wife, 

  1. I pressured just like I squished lemons for her beloved lemonade  

  1. Then, the sound of a popping kernel came out of her cervical vertebrae,  

  1. Her breath muffled like a dying dog, this was music to my ears. 

  1. I didn’t stop, until my hands weighted as heavy as the sin I had committed. 

  1. My heart accelerated from such pleasure, 

  1. Killing was not a sin, it was pleasure. 


  1. I wanted to feel the joy my patients felt after an hour of speaking, 

  1. I tried to reverse roles with my oldest client. 

  1. "You need to see life through other's perspectives" Mr. Judas said, 

  1. I failed to achieve his requirement. 

  1. I then plucked out one of my two eyeballs since I only had one perspective. 

  1. Nothing is as lovely as giving poison to those who belong in an institute, 

  1. They probably don’t want to die but, why live in misery? 

  1. I'm not mentally ill, my ambition was not to kill rather it was to heal. 

  1. Who is to say that hell is horrible? 

  1. From what I have heard from patients they live in hell. 


  1. I live to kill! 

  1. Therefore, I'm simply the better version of Cerberus, 

  1. I let people leave hell and go to heaven. 

  1. My wife is in a much better place now, so is Mr. Judas. 

  1. "Goodbye Mr. Hermes", would be his very last words, 

  1. Inside the mushy capsules resided a heavy dose of poison. 

  1. This was nearly my sixtieth cuckoo cuckoo that I had saved, 

  1. Death cannot be avoided, neither delayed. 

  1. I'm not a killer, better yet I feel like they used to feel, 

  1. Cogito ergo sum insanis. 


  1. The handing out of death was what I could deal , 

  1. My errand was to fulfill. 

  1. The wind is starting become still.  

  1. The pill was stuck in my large intestines, 

  1. Too late to expel, its time for a new dimension.  

  1.  The hand in the big clock next to my comfortable sofa, is not ticking, 

  1. I hear the final "tic-tac", I'm not insane, neither ill, 

  1. I just want to experience if happiness is actually real.


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