The Beast Within


The rippling muscles and midnight fur are

nothing compared to its pearl white fangs drenched in blood.

Each step it takes rakes the Earth with its powerful claws.

This beast exudes dominance and will only accept obedience.


A wail tears through its throat, letting its prey know the hunt is on.

As the games begin, its battle scarred legs roam the forest under

the pale moonlight


Each pump of its heart sends chills of thrill against

its fur sprouted fevered skin.

The power from just one howl surges in

the air and its liquid gold eyes widen with fire.


Once the sun melts the darkness away and the games are done,

A naked woman lays against the lush grass.

The ride is over and she must get back to work.


Even as she pulls herself up on her skinny limbs.

The second entity inside roars that they will run together again.

The beast is still within.



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