Beast in the Mirror


United States
42° 18' 56.6496" N, 71° 3' 9.8928" W

I look in the mirror, it reflects my fragility .
But look in my eyes, you can see the beast in me.
The beast, My alter ego is built out of titanium.
She runs this, She's the queen of her own kingdom.

I can't control it, I can't control her.
To remind myself I'm still here, I glance at the mirror,
The mirror is the only proof I exist in the world.
Day by Day, I'm inches closer to being taken over by the beastly girl.

She's sexy, she's confident, she's strong
and she doesn't need anyone to tell her she belongs
Her memories invade me like the plague.
She says I'm not going anywhere I'm here to stay

Thankfully she's like water on the floor, she falls through cracks
The beastly girl says, I'm always gonna come back
I rush to the mirror, trace my face with the tips of my fingers
She's gone.......
But I know she still lingers



Dedicated to my friend sandra

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