The beast is back

Let's cause a fucking riot I wanna scream I wanna fight The weed is good today The burning needles in my brain It courses through my veins Liquid courage Yell shout push Bloody murder in my head In my blood Teeth sharpen to points Claws rip out of my skin Eyes glow neon Watch out, fuckers The beast is back Patches on my rough tongue Bottles in my shaking hands Combat boots on my shifting feet My world is getting torn to shreds Watch out, mom The beast is back Waves of aggressive music wash away What was left of that quivering bitch Leaking blood and sweat into my ears Smoke and ash cover my skin Bass and drums Cymbals and guitar solos My throat is raw just from listening to it The power is immeasurable Watch out, coppers The beast is back Concrete under my spiked boots Nah scratch that. Their bleeding heads under my shoes I wanna fuckin kill something All those drugs I took earlier aren't helping Is this happiness? Probably Watch out, sanity The beast is back And I'm never leaving 

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